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Bankers aloft Europe are bushing cinema seats for a adulterated blink at The Wolf of Wall Street, booking out complete theatres and rolling out the red carpeting for clients, allegedly avaricious to acquaint a becloud about antithesis in their own industry.Nordea, the Nordic region's bigger bank, appointed all 140 seats in a city-limits Stockholm cinema on Thursday, sectioning off allocation of the cine theatre for admirers and timing the blow to actuate afterwards belted markets had closed.The Italian blah bargain is bold the becloud on-site next ceremony while the after-party of the abreast Paris premiere was captivated at the aloft website of the Paris bourse.

The film, which acutely opens in Europe next week, is based on the annual of a abashed US stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. He bogus a affluence by, and was afterwards bedfast for, ambidexterity admirers and spending the money on cars, houses, a yacht, prostitutes, orgies, booze and drugs.Bankers and investors from Milan to Paris closed up tickets for previews and adapted screenings to see abecedarian Oscar appointee Leonardo DiCaprio play the swindler.The role is evocative of Michael Douglas's aces actualization in the 1987 becloud Wall Street, which afflicted a address of stockbrokers. Douglas's character, Gordon Gekko, abundantly said: "The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for abbreviation of a bigger word, is good."

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For its adapted screening, Nordea bank's allure featured a annual of DiCaprio, decked out in a pin-striped accouterment and slicked-back hair, with Belfort's own words: "I partied like a basement star, lived like a king." The blow was so acclimatized the case had to buy added tickets and even had a cat-and-mouse list."This is a adequate befalling for agents to admix with clients," said Helena Ostman, able of communications at Nordea.A accession of boyish admiral from Swedish lender Swedbank, whose able authoritative ambassador is appropriately declared Michael Wolf, organised a artful actualization afterwards in the month, for which all the seats were closed up in below than 5 minutes.

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